Aurum Engineering

Tranby on Swan

Project info
Client : B-Strata/Tranby on Swan
Sector/Industry : Refurbishment, Residential
Project detail

Constructed in 1973, Tranby on Swan comprises multiple 4 level brick and tile buildings housing some 206 individual lots. Developed by Bond Corporation, Tranby on Swan is recognised as one of the most prominent medium density projects undertaken in Maylands.

Due to its age and with the original electrical infrastructure reaching its end-of-life, Tranby on Swan is undergoing an electrical infrastructure upgrade. Aurum Engineering has been engaged by B-Strata and Tranby on Swan to provide electrical engineering and design services for the replacement of the Site Main Switchboard and site wide distribution switchboards, as well as an embedded metering and management system.

This upgrade will future proof the development, ensure all electrical infrastructure conforms with the latest Australian standards and regulations and allow residents to take advantage of the benefits of an embedded metering system.